Quality Payment Program Consulting

The programs MIPS and MACRA are now known as the Quality Payment Program. Payments from CMS will be affected based on providers participation in 2017. Private payers are getting in on the program as well by offering pathways through Alternative Payment Models.

New requirements can be a hard to stay on top of. Determining if you qualify for the program, which path you should take, and what are your best options is just the tip of the iceberg. Demonstrating quality requires a plan. Mighty Oak Technology offers you access to our certified project managers to help your organization build and implement a plan to demonstrate quality at the highest degree of success. There are over 300 quality measures.

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Determine Eligibility and Financial Risk/Gain

Do You Qualify? If you receive $30,000 or more in allowed medicare charges, you qualify to participate in QPP

The first step towards developing a comprehensive plan for your organization is to determine the ROI from participating. If the investment is more than the reward it does not make sense to throw good money after bad money. Factors such as participation level, max reimbursement vs. max deduction, and alternative paths must be taken into consideration at this stage.

Target Participation Level and Success Rate

Once the ROI is determined, participation level will be considered. Simply testing your system, partial and full year reporting, or not reporting at all are options whose reward level must be considered. During this stage we will target the quality measures that best suit your organization. At the end of this process an estimate of cost vs benefits will be submitted as a guide for implementation.

Develop Detailed Plan for All Stakeholders

Using the targeted quality measures and participation level a detailed plan of action will be created. The focus of the upcoming plan will take into account data required to demonstrate each measure, how each measure is tracked and reported, success thresholds for each measure, and a scheduled review to monitor the projects status will all be created. All stakeholders will be identified and instructions for each role will be created and optimized for your organization.

Mighty Oak Technology, Inc.

Has assisted hundreds of organizations to receive millions of dollars in incentive payments through the CMS EHR incentive program, commonly referred to as Meaningful Use. The Quality Payment Program consolidates Meaningful Use, the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), and the Value Base Modifier program into one. This new program is broken into four parts, each part having it’s own unique quality reporting requirements.

Our consultants have been certified as MIPS Quality Project Managers. They are well versed in the MIPS requirements and alternative payments models in place across the country. Our Mighty Oak Team is familiar with the language of quality measures and interpreting the coding required to demonstrate those measures.

To schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if QPP is right for you, send and email to support@mightyoakinc.com or call 952.370.5550