Registry Services

The daunting changes that are coming to medical payment structures in 2017 are big but not insurmountable. The pay for performance models are growing up and will be affecting many group practices in 2017. The bar was raised in the 11th hour and many individual practices do not have the minimum medicare patient population to qualify for the Quality Payment Program in 2017. Although the new programs do not affect some, that is no reason not to be aware of the requirements and educated on how to measure quality.

New Service Developed for 2017

Our QPP consulting service now has a definitive timeline and set features. We’ve modified our Meaningful Use consulting service and created a year long program for our clients to target and reach their quality goals. This new service includes:

  1. Subscription to online forum defining and discussing quality measures, improvement activities, and advancing of clinical information.
  2. Quarterly Meeting to review QPP process and tune up clinc workflow to meet targeted goals.
  3. Review of annual HIPAA Risk Audit for compliance
  4. Reporting on all available measures through Mighty Oak Technology Registry
  5. Access to live & recorded webinars about implementing processes, coding, and other details regarding the successful implementation of QPP.

As a registry, Mighty Oak Technology can submit data on behalf of our clients for the QPP program. By creating the certified software, instructional web resources, quarterly check ups and registry services Mighty Oak Technology can offer the most complete QPP service possible.

You don’t have to be a Chart Talk user to use this service, but you do need to be a Chart Talk user if you want Mighty Oak Technology to act as your registry. The educational and check up components are available for any clinic, group, or organization.