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In the fast paced field of health care, a new level of expertise is required. Mighty Oak Technology was created to fill the specialized IT needs required by small and mid-size clinics. Our services are designed to complement your current IT structure and help you grow.

In 2011, Mighty Oak HIT Services took over 50 doctors successfully through the EHR incentive program.

With our services, these Meaningful Use clinics saw a full return on their investment in under 60 days! Our HIT services go beyond what anyone else in the market is providing today. Our staff if fully versed in the requirements for Meaningful Use and we are able to work with your staff to create the workflow you need.

What is HIT?

On-site IT specialists are rare and expensive. Often, a staff member has more computer knowledge than others and is put in the role of IT administrator. This person is not vetted in database management, computer networking, network security, clinical software troubleshooting or other required knowledge that an HIT professional should have. Mighty Oak Technology gives your clinic recourse in times of trouble. Our services can be scaled to assist your IT staff member or become your HIT department.

Mighty Oak Technology is uniquely positioned to deliver expert services in the era of Meaningful Use. Other IT companies have experience with anti-virus software, software firewalls and computer networking. Mighty Oak Technology has expertise in all those fields plus advanced SQL database management, custom software development and integration, over fifteen years working with speech recognition software and our staff has received Meaningful Use certification.

What does this mean to you? Your subscription to Mighty Oak HIT Services gives you access to expert staff trainied in the latest HIT technology. Consultants can claim expertise in Meaningful Use because they are familiar with the immense government mandate describing what Meaningful Use and how you could achieve Meaningful Use. The expert staff at Mighty Oak knows exactly what it takes to demonstrate Meaningful Use. How do we know what Meaningful Use is? Because we write Chart Talk, the software that is certified for Meaningful Use. We know the exact measures you need to meet in 2011 and 2012 to demonstrate Meaningful Use. Furthermore, we can share that knowledge with you and your staff.

Do not leave yourself in the lurch. Sign up for Mighty Oak HIT Services today.

Continuing Education

Mighty Oak Technology offers seminars one to four hours in length regarding documentation, Meaningful Use, using Microsoft Office, and implementing a 'paperless' office.

Contact us for further information and to find out how we can customize a seminar for your needs.

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EHR Consulting

We realize that all EHRs have their strenghts and weaknesses. Chart Talk was created for practices that want to incorporate speech recognition. Mighty Oak is pioneering HIT and can offer the services of HIT professionals with various areas of expertise. We have access to a wide array of individuals. Please give us a call at 952.374.5550 to discuss your HIT needs.

Speech Enable Your EHR

The consultants at Mighty Oak Technology can help to incorporate speech recognition your EHR. This service is for the creators of EHRs that want to try to incorporate speech recognition. Mighty Oak has been intgreating speech recognition for over ten years. We have the most experience in the industry.

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