Annual Educational & Consultation Package for the QPP (Quality Payment Program)

For seven years Mighty Oak Technology has set the bar meaningful use consulting and educational services. For organizations that used opted for Meaningful Use Reviews before attesting, their success rate for attesting and passing an audit has been 100%.

We’ve built on that template and designed a service to assist your organization. Our annual education package includes:

  1. Access to a subscription based website with forums covering
    1. Quality
    2. Advancing Care Information
    3. Improvement Activities
  2. Access to live and Recorded Webinars produced through out the year
  3. One quarterly consultation to monitor and evaluate progress on all reported measures
  4. Submission of data (*when possible)
  5. Clinical evaluation to identify the best reporting range for the organization

Improvement Activities

If you or your group wants to avaoid the MIPS penaly in 2017 but does not want to pursue a paymant incentive you can opt to report one Improvement Activity.

The Mighty Oak Technology registry can assist your clinic in choosing, implementing, documenting, and submitting Improvement Activity information. We can help your organization demonstrate one to four Improvement Activities.