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Mighty Oak Technology has been on the forefront of educating Chiropractors on the requirements of successfully demonstrating Meaningful USe of an EHR since 2011. Demonstrating meaningful use in 2016 & 2017 can be confusing when trying to understand the requirements, exclusions and necessary documentation to ensure that you can pass an audit after you successfully attest.

Whether your clinic is at the top of its game or if you are as confused about meaningful use as 90% of other healthcare providers, our consultative services will help.

What you get with our one hour consultation:

  • HIPAA Security Audit Workbook and Report Templates ($300 Value)
  • A Detailed list of Measures that have no exclusions
  • A detailed list of measures with exclusions
  • Instruction on how to properly document measures and exclusion
  • Template for documenting successful meaningful use attestation for your records

Mighty Oak Technology can also review your attestation documentation and help you meet compliance. We have taken hundreds of providers through stages I & II of Meaningful Use attestation. We have helped many clinics with Meaningful Use pre-pay audits. Call today to schedule your clinical evaluation.