HIPAA Risk Audit Consultation

lock-circle-green-512HIPAA security risk assessment is an on-going process of discovering, correcting and preventing security problems. The risk assessment is an integral part of a risk management process designed to provide appropriate level of security for your clinic.

Mighty Oak Technology has assisted hundreds of clinics like your own in creating a HIPAA baseline and setting up an annual risk assessment plan. Our proven method has helped many clinics pass rigorous audits and keep their EHR incentive payments.

Don’t get caught with inadequate documentation. Mighty Oak Technology will work personally with your HIPAA security officer to identify, document, and evaluate the protected health information (PHI) that you are responsible for.

If this is your first time working with Mighty Oak Technology’s HIPAA services, we will:

  1. Designate someone in your clinic to be the HIPAA Security Officer
  2. Establish and document a HIPAA baseline
  3. Document all PHI (digital and physical) at your clinic
  4. Identify risks to the PHI
  5. Document risk mitigation efforts

If you have HIPAA risk audit procedures in place, Mighty Oak Technology will work with you to:

  1. Review and update your HIPAA risk baseline
  2. Review and document changes to all PHI (digital and physical) at your clinic
  3. Identify risks to the PHI
  4. Document risk mitigation efforts

Confidence in your HIPAA documentation and knowing that you are making every effort to protect your patients data will let you sleep better at night. Let the professionals at Mighty Oak Technology help you rest easy. Call to schedule your HIPAA Risk Consultation today.